Human Trafficking in Nigeria: TALKAM Radio...

Human Trafficking in Nigeria:  TALKAM Radio Program on 23rd November 2018


Human Trafficking in Nigeria: TALKAM Radio Program on 23rd November 2018

November 27, 2018

We are in a period  when children, teenagers and adults are brought to cities to serve as house helps, but end up being used as house slaves. A lot of victims are trafficked for exploitations in homes. Some are promised education, but ended up not going to school. Others are promised good life, but they ended up experiencing the worst life. In many homes in Nigeria, house maids/helps are treated as slaves. They eat when others have eaten, sleeps when others have slept. Their fundamental human rights are perpetually abused by those who are supposed to protect them. 

Though, there is no data on how many house help are trafficked within and across Nigeria, but a large number of them are exploited in the homes where they are serving. Who will stand up for the rights of these vulnerable people?

The TALKAM radio program on 23rd November, 2018 focused on "House Help Exploitation: Another Form of Human Trafficking"  and it featured the following guests:

  • Osuigwe Joseph,  the host and Executive Director of Devatop Centre for Africa Development.
  • Mr. Obi Agusiobo,  Head, Rapid Response Squad and Reforms Unit, National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).
  • Executive Director,  Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF)- Mrs. Sanusi Imabong.
  • Administrative Officer, Devatop Centre for Africa Development – Cynthia Ozioma Ifeanyi

The objectives of the converstation were to:

  1. To make listeners understand different forms of exploitation of house helps
  2. To make listeners understand how house helps are exploited, and educate them on the laws regarding house helps.
  3. To discourage the perpetration of abuse of house helps.
  4. To stimulate listeners to report exploitation of house helps around their neighbor.

Watch the video below for details of the converstation:

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Written by: Joseph Osuigwe


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