TALKAM Radio Program: Making Human Trafficking a...

TALKAM Radio Program: Making Human Trafficking a National Priority in Nigeria with Amb. Chibuzo Okereke


TALKAM Radio Program: Making Human Trafficking a National Priority in Nigeria with Amb. Chibuzo Okereke

January 24, 2021

Our speaker, Amb. Chibuzo Okereke shared thoughts on Making Human Trafficking a National Priority on our #Talkam Radio Programme on Saturday, 23rd Jan 2021 at Cool FM 96.6 Abuja.

According to him:

Human trafficking which is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation, organ harvesting, crimes or forced labour is already an issue of national emergency requiring urgent priority and measurable actions through a multi stakeholders efforts.

The multi billion industry operated through deceit, coercion, and abduction by sometimes heavily fortified local and international syndicate groups and organisations is a global concern as new cases and variants antics of the culprits emerge daily with unfortunate rising number of victims.

He further made the following propositions'
1. Design and implementation of special oversight framework by the National Assembly to effectively oversight issues of human trafficking prevention, protection, prosecution, rehabilitation and reintegration 2. Urgent establishment of a private sector led Human trafficking trust fund for victims of human trafficking and other related cases.
3. Consistent publication of national report on trafficking in persons, that will highlight human trafficking cases, actions, challenges and results.
4. Improved funding for the NAPTIP and other CSOs with thematic focus on anti human trafficking issues.
5. The presidency must ensure appointment of professional and competent Executive Management and Board members of the Agency (NAPTIP). He insisted that organisations such as NAPTIP can't be used for mere political patronage without due consideration for merit and competence.
6. Heavy invenment in research and development and regular capacity building for efficiency and informed decision.
7. Launching of annual National Campaign/Day of Action on issues of human trafficking in order mobilize multi stakeholders for a focused and measurable actions.
8. Review of Nigeria's framework for global partnership on anti human trafficking
9. Introduction of human trafficking cases and prevention subjects and courses in secondary schools and tertiary institutions of learning including work places.
10. Production of NAPTIP Acts in various Nigerian languages with community engagement through the traditional rulers and community development organisations to prevent cases of human trafficking amongst the vulnerable groups.
11. Establishment of Anti human trafficking clubs in institutions of learning across the country.


Amb. Chibuzo Okereke is a Legislative Expert/Public Analyst and the Convener, National Political Equity Movement-Nigeria


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