August, 2018 Bulletins

August, 2018 Bulletins


August, 2018 Bulletins

September 18, 2018

Human trafficking happens in Nigeria on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, but not all is reported. Nigerians are trafficked within and outside the country for different forms of exploitation.

This month, August 2018, South Gauteng High Court in South Africa handed three life sentences and an additional hundred and six years’ imprisonment to two Nigerians for human trafficking. The traffickers include Frank Amaku, Ilo Somadina who held over six victims hostages before their arrest in 2016. Both Frank and Ilo have been involved in kidnapping and using their victims for financial gain through forced commercial sex.

On 16th August, 2018, Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) pledged to actively participate in the fight against human trafficking. The representative of the EFCC promised to participate in the Human Trafficking Conference which will be organized by Interpol, Nigeria on 24th – 25th September, 2018.

Within August, 2018, Katsina command of the Nigeria Immigration Service(NIS) has again a twenty-three-year-old suspected Victim, Adeoye Oluwaseyi En Route Niger Republic for a house help job on a trafficking fee of fifty thousand naira. The trafficker promised to offer her a job in Nigeria, and collected 50, 000 naira from her as processing fee.

Also, NIS Kaduna command intercepted a trafficker and her three victims on their way to Libya. The three victims are from Oyo, Bayelsa, and Ogun States respectively. The trafficker, known as Rita Asia was in possession of Libyan passport which shows she is a regular traveler.


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